General Manager | Writer | Pioneer | Public Speaker | Financial Literacy & Inclusion Champion | Economic Development Expert

About Usama Qasem

Usama Qasem throughout his career has aided the business, digital and marketing transformation of a dozen of large and small organizations in the MENA region.

Spending the major part of his career in IKEA, Al Futtaim Group and ITP Publishing Group he has helped shape the future of these companies as they stand today.

Leading the launch of ITP’s main websites that drives their growth into the ear of new media. Launching online shopping and countless other projects for IKEA trough out the years 2011 to 2018. Supporting the Al Futtaim in launching and managing countless brands in all the major countries in GCC and beyond.

Usama’s experience, leadership and strategies go beyond the technology and operations into a deep understanding of MACRO economics and it’s effect on the business day to day operations, his strength lies in the ability of placing the whole organization’s people, process and profit on the right path towards excellence and absolute harmony.

He has a long experience in public speaking, sports, music and countless other activities which helped him balance an ability to master the bigger picture and the nano details to create robust long terms plans and guide execute it to perfection.